EY Parent Resource

EY Parent Resource

ISNS sponsors information sessions for parents throughout the year about the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). Some sessions will be offered during the school day and others in the evening or after school.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these sessions as an understanding of the Primary Years Programme will enable them to support the Units of Inquiry and help their child develop the five elements essential to the programme. Information about these sessions will be on the school website as well as sent home through various means, electronic and otherwise.

Series 1: Play is serious Learning

1A: Reasons for Adapting Play-Based Approach at ISNS

1B: How is Play-Based Learning Connected to IB's approach to Education

1C:What is Play-Based Learning? 

1D:What children's play is not?

1E: A. What does inquiry through play look like? 

1E: B. How can Parents support their child's play?

1F: What is Loose Parts play and how can parents set this up at home?

1G-A: What is the Role of a Teacher in Play? 

1G-B: Part 2: What is the Role of Teachers in Play? Listening, Provoking & Observing

1G-C: Part 3: What is the Role of Teachers in Play? Observing & Documenting

1H-A: What is Documentation?

1H- C: Part A: What are some Documentation tools used by early years educators?

1H- C: Part B: What are some Documentation tools used by early years educators? 

Series 2: Play Based Learning

A: Play isn’t a Luxury,It’s a Necessity

B: The Importance of Balanced Play

C: Our Playful Environments in the EY at ISNS

D: Cultivating Empathy in the Early Years at ISNS

E: Playing Together: Kids Collaborate & Negotiate

FPlay and a Growth Mindset

GThe Power of Tapping into Student Interests

HSupporting Goals with Playful Tools and Charts

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