EYP Subjects

What We Do

K3-K5 follow an inquiry focused, play-based curriculum that is child-centered and encourages independent learning in a warm, safe and caring environment. During the year, the children study four Units of Inquiry (six Units of Inquiry for K5). These units are transdisciplinary meaning they include different subjects. The children also study Math and Language Arts and have specialist teachers for Music, PE, and Visual Arts. More information is sent to parents about curriculum as we move through the year. The curriculum is very different from that in mainland Chinese schools as there is not a detailed text book to study or follow. Many resources, books, materials and equipment are used to enhance the learning experience of students. 


In K4, students are using bigger numbers and are starting to record their work by writing numbers and working with the numbers in a practical way.  Students are doing lots of work with shapes and are building on their learning of patterns (which actually helps with algebra when they are older).  In K5, the students are still working in a very practical way but are starting to do more complex and formal work. 

Language Arts

The language of instruction is English and comprises of speaking and listening, writing, and reading. Almost everything we do is language-based. The children listen to lots of stories and are encouraged to express themselves in lots of different ways.  In K4, we start to write letters and later words, especially the more frequent words.  Students build on their learning in K5, where we put letters together to make words.